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Park Facilities Update

Park Facilities Update

23 June 2015

As the Summer approaches, the Park is all set to go, with some new improvements which we hope everyone will enjoy. Many of you may have already noticed the considerable development made to the leisure facilities here at Little Lakes this Spring, but for those who have yet to see them …

The Swimming Pool and Tennis Court area have been re-developed to provide a new space for Park Members and especially families to get together all year round. One half of the old Tennis Court is now a new seating and eating area and the second half will become a totally new Play Area, with new Climbing equipment and slides etc. and a modern rubberised floor. Work on this new Play Area will commence over the Autumn and Winter months.

Stretching right to the Pool is the Lower Deck where Park Members can take in the sun and parents can watch their children. Having all the kids in one place, with some playing and some swimming should make life a lot easier for families.

These new areas will be open all year round, in the same way as the old Play Area. A new fence has been installed to secure the Swimming Pool when it is closed or during the year when it is not in use. Entrance to the Pool can now be had at the far end of the new lower Deck, next to the Lifeguard’s Hut.

One long-standing request has been to allow the consumption of food and drink bought at the Clubhouse down in the Pool area. We are pleased to confirm that this is now possible all year round on the Lower Deck and eating area. We are asking everyone to try and keep these areas as tidy as possible. Bins have been provided for the disposal of food wrappers and litter and if everyone uses them we’d be very grateful.

We’ve decided to serve plastic glasses only on the new areas, however, the Upper Deck (completed last year) will still be available to Club House users to enjoy drinks in a proper glass. Well behaved pets are still very welcome in the Club garden and upper Deck, but we’ve decided to restrict them from the new Play area and Lower Deck.

When completed, the Play Area will have an internal fence to provide the kids with their own space. Ball games and bicycles are not allowed in any of these areas.

The Pool will operate pretty much as before. Many Park Members have requested better information be made available about the Pool, so this year there is a new status board at the Lifeguard’s Hut, and Open/Closed signs and flags.  On the Park website a new daily status page includes opening times, the water temperature, and even a weather forecast. As the pool has been rarely used after 5:00 pm over the last few years we have decided to open earlier, so from this year the Opening Hours will be 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Tennis Court is still a facility for park members, so don’t worry if it isn’t where you remember it! We have added the tennis court to the 5-side football pitch to make a multi-sport facility. The net will be stored at the court and accessed with a key that can be obtained from the Park Office; all we ask is the net is put back neatly, ready for the next user. The Basketball Hoop, after its brief but popular time on the new Play Area has also found a permanent home at one end of the 5-side football pitch.

Although the next major work will be the new Play Area, other improvements will carry on over the summer. New seating is on its way to replace some of the plastic chairs and tables which have seen better days.  Finally, we are welcoming ideas for making use of the old Play Area.  The tractor will have to stay, of course, but suggestions are already coming in.  More ideas are always welcome!

Office Staff are currently issuing Membership cards for the 2015-6 season, which will need to be shown when using the pool, requesting the key for the tennis net and for use of other park facilities.

If you have not been in for your Membership cards as yet you will need to have a photo taken.  Where holiday homes are jointly owned, we will photograph both owners together. The photo will not appear on the cards, but using your unique reference number, will aid us in their return if lost.  Your green owner cards can now be used year after year without the need for renewal, so we ask that you keep them safe, as replacement cards cost £5.00. Joint holiday home owners will have cards with identical numbers, so do not be concerned if they get swapped between you.

We hope park members enjoy the ongoing development of facilities and we would like to wish you a bright and happy summer!