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How the Clubhouse will operate after re-opening from lockdown

How the Clubhouse will operate after re-opening from lockdown

3 July 2020

Since we've been given the go ahead to come out of lockdown, we've been working through the new rules to get the Clubhouse ready for opening, midday, 4th July 2020. Please remember that this is new to all of us, and it will no doubt take everyone a little time to get used to everything. Most importantly, please remember that the new rules are designed by the Government, not us, to make your visit a safe experience for both Members and staff, and they must be followed. 

Firstly, access to the Clubhouse will be for Park and Golf members, their Guests and green fee customers only - so be prepared to show your card. When ordering, please give your surname along with your table number. This information will only be held for 21 days then destroyed. It will not be used for any other purpose than to warn you that you may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Members are required to keep a record of any guests for this same purpose.

Entrance to the Clubhouse and Garden will be along the walkway on the Holiday Park side of the building only. Both the Courtyard and the exit to the golf car park are for leaving only. This applies to all customers, both golf members and Park members. Please do not ignore the no-entry signs.

Please remember that all the general Government guidelines must still be observed. This means that there can only be a maximum of 6 people, from two households, in a group or bubble. Larger groups will be asked to disperse or to leave. Both outside the Clubhouse, and in, each group must be seated at a table. You must not move the tables around, as they are placed at the correct separations. There is no booking system for tables. We are operating on a first come basis. Inclement weather will not mean everyone can go inside, although we have set up the large tent in the Courtyard. All tables will be cleaned between parties, so please do not sit at a table that does not say “Table ready”.

There is now a one-way system in operation inside the Clubhouse. The entrance is the double doors into the Function Room. Please follow the route through the Function Room, corridor, and out to either the Courtyard or the Garden. Those sitting inside must order at the hatch in the corridor, those with a table outside need not go in at all – just order at the outside hatch. Bring a contactless payment method if possible. All orders, both food and drink will be delivered to the table. Only the ground floor of the building will be in use initially. Please do not bring children inside for the time being and those outside must remain seated at all times.

There will be no entertainments for the foreseeable future and no screens or pool played to maximise space for inside tables. Free WiFi may need to be used sparingly, as broadband access in the surrounding area is under pressure due to WFH.

The garden toilet will be open, along with those on the Car Park, which have a Ladies and a Gents. Only one person at a time is allowed in any of the toilets, unless accompanying a child. Please help us by keeping them as clean as possible and use the sanitisers provided.

Everyone is under more pressure than usual, so we ask all our Members to please act responsibly. If not, there will be one warning then your group will be asked to leave. Any abuse towards staff will result in you being barred. If asked to leave please do so and you will be welcomed back, another day. Please respect the staff at all times, they cannot alter anything so arguing with them will not help anyone. We will be looking at these rules after the first week and we will tweak where necessary, and update where Government advice changes.

For more general advice about all of the Park's facilities, please go here