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We aim to take good care of our customers throughout their time at Little Lakes. If you decide to purchase, you may leave all the hard work to us - we will order your unit, deal with any issues arising during the production stage and site the Unit on your chosen plot upon its arrival on Park so that, finally, it can be handed over to you in perfect condition.
If you do find any problems with your unit we offer a full warranty service.

Am I allowed to sell my holiday Caravan?

Yes. You have the option of selling your caravan back to Little Lakes or to anyone else off park.

Are there any age restrictions to being on Little Lakes?

No. We are proud of the “village” atmosphere and welcome grandparents, parents and children.

Can I bring my dog/cat or other pets?

Yes. Pets are very welcome, together with good owners, as holidaying in a caravan or lodge with your pets is an ideal way of avoiding the use of catteries and kennels. Dogs must be kept on a lead whilst on Park, although we do have an excellent Dog exercise area.

Can I have decking installed on my Chalet or Caravan?

Yes. In most cases you will be able to arrange for decking to be installed, although the plans must be approved by the Park to ensure they meet Park rules and Fire Regulations.

Can I stay in my Caravan or Chalet in the closed month?

No. Whilst the Licence issued by the local Council means that you cannot stay in your holiday property, you may make short visits from time to time to check that everything is OK.

Can I sub-let my holiday caravan or Lodge?

No. Sub-letting on the Park is STRICTLY forbidden. We believe that this maintains the Park’s sense of security and community.

Can my family and friends visit?

Yes. You have up to 8 visitors’ passes (4 adult, 4 children) which you retain and use as many times as required.

Can my family use my holiday unit if I’m in Tenerife for a few weeks?

Yes. Providing you are happy to let a family member or friend have access to your holiday home we are fine with that, although we do ask that they have a visitors pass.

Do you only sell new Holiday Caravans?

No. We usually have a range of second hand caravans available. Although we cannot predict what we will have, you may give us your requirements (budget/number of beds etc.) and then we can contact you prior to a suitable property going live on our website.

How long is the park open each year?

We are open for 11 months of the year, closed for the month of January, although our Park Office is open all year round.

How long on park can a caravan stay?

New caravans have a lifespan on park of 20 years.

I can’t quite afford the holiday home of my dreams, can I get finance?

Yes. Through our partners at Salop Leisure, competitive finance is available, subject to status.

Is a Caravan a good investment?

No. A Holiday caravan is not like bricks and mortar, it will depreciate. Our view is to consider the usage you will get from a Holiday Home, as opposed to the costs of holidays abroad and at home over the lifetime of the unit. Pound for pound, Holiday caravans are very good value the more they are used.

Is there a local bus service?
Yes. There is a bus daily service directly onto the park from Bewdley & Kidderminster.

No Sunday Service.

Is there a warranty on purchases?

Yes. There is a 12 month warranty on all NEW caravans and chalets, and a 6 month warranty on all pre-owned caravans.

What are you plans for Little Lakes Holiday Park?

The Park has been owned and operated by the Fernihough Family for three generations since 1961, and we are committed to maintaining the quality of the Park and investing in improvements in the future.

What else do I pay on top of the window price to site the caravan?

Nothing. The siting and connection to sewage, water, gas and electricity of new caravans is included in the window sticker price.

What else do we pay when we have paid for the holiday home?

The annual site fee, payable on 31st March each year.

What information do I need to supply Little Lakes with to become a park member?

Everyone buying a holiday home here at Little Lakes needs to supply us with

A) Application form (We supply the form)

B) Reference forms (We supply the form)

C) A form of Personal ID

D) forms of Residential ID for your main residential address

What can my Holiday Home be used for?
Holiday Homes at our Park can only be used for holiday purposes. This means the Holiday Home may not be someone’s main residence. That is why we ask you about the address of your main residence and may continue to do so while you own the Holiday Home
What is a holiday?

A holiday is a period of recreation away from your main residence, during which no work is done

How long can a holiday be?

Individual circumstances vary. The point is that someone who is on holiday has their main residence elsewhere where they mainly live

My main residence is overseas. Does this count?

Yes, but all the facts are relevant when deciding whether the overseas property or the Holiday Home is your main residence. These would include whether you own the overseas property or, if it is rented, then how long you have rented it for, how much time you spend in the Holiday Home and how much in the overseas property.

Where are the nearest visitor attractions?

The Safari Park and Severn Valley Railway together with the nearby towns of Bewdley and Kidderminster are just a few miles away. See the Attractions section for more places nearby.

Where do I park my car(s)?

Cars can be parked next to the Holiday property. All have at least one parking space, most plots have two parking spaces, some more.

Where is the nearest pub/restaurant/shop?

There is an on park clubhouse with members bar, family room and an entertainments / function room and restaurant. The park also has a well-stocked  general store.

Can I run a business from the Holiday Home?

Definitely not. This would not be consistent with holiday use. However, if someone wanted to keep in touch with their work or business whilst they are on holiday, for example, they could use a laptop, tablet or smartphone

Can I have parcels/post delivered to the park?

We do not facilitate this. If items are delivered to the Office requiring a signature, Park Staff cannot sign, although items can be left in the building next to the shop at Park members risk

Who do I contact if I have a problem whilst on park?

Our reception is open 7 days a week

Monday to Friday 9.00am until 4.45pm

Saturday & Sunday 10.00am until 3.45pm

Outside of these hours we have an on-site Duty Warden.